Patient Voices & Experiences

Melanoma Patient Conference is the first ever Patient Conference in the UK for Melanoma Patients.

It has been created by patients, for patients & as much as we want to learn from the experts & amazing Medical professionals that have been generous enough to agree to speak to us during the day, we also want to hear from other patients.

We want to hear from others with similar Melanoma experiences.

In 2016, 6 Patients shared their personal experiences with our delegates & have allowed us to share them with you.

Let's use our voices to improve our care, our treatment options & our survival outcomes!

Watch the videos

Lucy D

Lucy Davis was first

diagnosed in May 2011

& is currently Stage 4.

Richard Cumberland

Richard Cumberland was first

diagnosed in March 2013

& is currently stage 4.


Lorraine Mir was diagnosed

in November 2013

& is Stage 1B.

Mel Jones

Mel Jones was first

diagnosed in 1995

& is currently Stage 4a

Sally Pickles

Sally Pickles was diagnosed

in May 2015

& she is Stage 1.

Rob Mackay

Rob Mackay was first

diagnosed in 2005

& is currently Stage 4.