Melanoma Patient Conference C.I.C Thank all of our speakers for not only joining us on Friday 16th & Saturday 17th June 2017 for the second Melanoma Patient Conference, but also for providing us with such excellent presentations.

We are extremely grateful that the presenters were also happy to share their slides with the public after the event.

Thanks again to our speakers!

Session 1 : 

The Guidelines & Understanding Melanoma

"Nice Guidelines"

Guidelines in the UK & How to access Clinical Trials

Dr Pippa Corrie


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"Teaching Session"

Melanoma, What every patient needs to know.

Dr James Larkin



Session 2 : Treatment of Melanoma

Latest News, Challenges & Future Melanoma Trials

"Latest News & Updates from ASCO"

Dr Nick Coupe

"Potential of Immunotherapy Path"

Dr Pippa Corrie

"Challenge of Genetics & Mutations in Melanoma"

Dr Nick Coupe


"Rare Melanoma - Are Options Improving?"

Dr Neil Steven

"Challenge of Delivering Personalised Medicine"

Prof Paul Lorigan

Session 3 : Knowledge of Melanoma

Things patients need to know & have asked about

"How to read a Pathology Report"

Dr Alastair Ironside

"Different Staging Methods & what they mean"

Mr Ewan Wilson

"Brain Mets & Radiotherapy"

Dr Chris Herbert

"Cell Based Therapies"

Prof Robert Hawkins

Saturday Session 1 :

Key Issues faced by Patients & their Families

"Melanoma Digital Registry"

Dr Mark Larkin - Vitaccess

"The value of Psycho Social support"

Prof Julia Newton Bishop

"Management of Adverse Events"

Dr Neil Steven

Saturday Session 2 :

Skin & Surgery

"Early Detection Saves Lives"

Early Detection of Skin Cancer

"What are the right Surgical Margins"

Mr Oliver Cassell

"Skin Checks from a Nurses Perspective"


"How to do your own Skin Check"

How to do your own skin check

"How to check your Lymph Nodes"

Mr Oliver Cassell